• FOCUS encourages Christian students and graduates to witness to the Lord Jesus Christ among their peers, and be responsible stewards of all that they have throughout their lives.

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FOCUS Faith&Work Conferences 2016

Many of us live our Christian faith in a separate category to our study and work lives. This schizophrenic lifestyle causes lots of issues as...

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The InDialogue Initiative: Cohabiting with Corruption – 26th May 2016

Sri Lanka is the 83rd least corrupt in a list of 168 countries according to the latest Corruption Perception Index released by Transparency International. Corruption...

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FOCUS National Student Conference 2016 – Special Supplement

Over 80 university students from around the country gathered together at the Retreat House in Pandatharippu, Jaffna recently to discuss God’s call for us in...

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FOCUS National Student Conference – God of the Universe, God of the University

The annual National Student Conference of FOCUS will be held from 9-11 April at Retreat House, Pandatharippu, Jaffna. University students (state and private) from around...

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The Real Threats to Free Education – Dr Vinoth Ramachandra

The following article first appeared in the Daily News on 14th February 2017 (http://dailynews.lk/2017/02/14/features/107568/real-threats-free-education). If university students, medical doctors and the JVP are really committed...

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During the Second Temple period with the Jewish community scattered in different regions and the spoken language being in transition, the Jewish Rabbis used a...

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Has Faith got anything to do with Science? – Priyan Dias

As part of his exploration about the use of faith in the field of Science, FOCUS graduate Priyan Dias, states that “…the most interesting bits...

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The Western Megapolis and National Unity – Priyan Dias

As Sri Lanka moves towards a phase of infrastructure development after the conflicts of the previous years it is important that developers reflect on the...

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