• FOCUS encourages Christian students and graduates to witness to the Lord Jesus Christ among their peers, and be responsible stewards of all that they have throughout their lives.

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Do Sinhala-speaking Christians feel inferior?

This is a question that we have been struggling with for sometime. Despite being in the majority, the Sinhalese speaking people in general seem to...

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A Night of Contemplation and Prayer (16th October 2015) – Updated with Pictures

FOCUS will be holding a night of Contemplation and Prayer to pray for the FOCUS ministry and other IFES ministries around the world. The night...

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FOCUS Annual Meeting – Kandy (October 2015)

FOCUS organized a programme in Kandy recently to introduce the FOCUS ministry to the Churches around Kandy and to share the importance of University Ministry...

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Visit to Eastern University (September 2015)

Y. Paheerathan and Menura Perera from FOCUS visited the Eastern University and conducted a teaching programme with some of the members of the Christian fellowship...

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Don’t Re-Traumatise The War-Traumatised

A group of Sri Lankan university academics, including those who come from a FOCUS background, have called upon the Sri Lankan government, all political parties,...

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What’s holding Sri Lankan women back from participating in the labor force? – Dileni Gunewardena

Dileni Gunewardena takes a look at the impressive heritage Sri Lanka possesses in terms of female education and women’s health in comparison to those in...

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Why Do ‘Hybrids’ Oppose The Proposed Hybrid Investigation? – Jude Fernando

“It is the power of hybridity that enables the colonized to challenge the ‘inherited boundaries of power and knowledge’. It breaks down the symmetry and...

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Christianity, Law and Sri Lanka – Sanjayan Rajasingham

How should Christians think about the law? Does the Bible provide some guidelines? Sanjayan Rajasingham looks afresh at the biblical basis and comes up with...

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