Is FOCUS a Church?
FOCUS-affiliated student groups complement, and do not replace the local church. All studennts are expected to belong to a local church and no regular student meetings are held on Sundays.

While students are in University, however, FOCUS encourages them to think of the university as their primary mission along with fellow believers on campus. We encourage churches who have university students as members, to “release” them from the responsibilities within the church during their student years, considering these students as the arm of the churches in the university.

When they graduate they contribute what they have learnt through university mission to their local church & the wider church. Many FOCUS graduaes are already contributing significantly – as laity & as pastors – to the preaching, teaching, prayer & social ministries of their churches.

Does FOCUS have any international links?

In 1987, we became affiliated with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), an inter-denominational partnership of over 130 autonomous, national student movements around the world. This is our way of expressing our solidarity with cChristian students internationally. IFES does not pay FOCUS staff, or fund the day-to-day acivities of the organization. It does provide opportunities for training of students and staff.