About GCF

The Graduates Christian Fellowship (GCF) is a fellowship of inter-denominational Christian professionals committed to leadership in Christian thinking and initiatives, and to the provision of a Biblical voice that will impact the Church and Society.
GCF is linked to the Fellowship of Christian University Students (FOCUS) in Sri Lanka and to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) worldwide.


Graduates for His Kingdom…

The Mission of GCF is to

  • Assist, equip and motivate Christian graduates and professionals to develop a biblical worldview relating Christian faith to their work and to life issues, to be involved in mission and service to the needy and to be active participants in their respective churches.
  • Mobilise the resources of Christian graduates and professionals to respond to current issues, missions, church, society and national crisis.
  • Provide mutual support and fellowship for Christian graduates and professionals who are members.
  • Encourage the work of the Fellowship of Christian University Students (FOCUS), chiefly through financial support, consistent prayer and meaningful relationships especially with final-year students.
  • Create a unique identity for GCF at national and international levels while maintaining an integrated corporate identity with FOCUS.

GCF also subscribes to and defends the doctrinal basis of FOCUS

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