Aims and objectives of SCFUM

  1. To present the claims of Christ so that students may come to a personal experience of Jesus Christ as Saviour, lord and God through the new birth.
  2. To have fellowship with all the students of like precious faith for mutual help and growth in Christian life, especially by means of Bible study and prayer, and to encourage one another in witness for Christ.
  3. To raise in the campus a testimony to the truths of the historic Christian faith, and present the message thereof as the solution of the problem of humankind.
The SCFUM is a registered fellowship at the University of Moratuwa and it was one of the earliest fellowships which started in the late seventies when a few Christian students decided to meet up, who later on became the pioneers of FOCUS. We are proud to say that FOCUS was established by our past students of whom some of them are academic staff now who gives us the full support to continue in the growth of our fellowship. From the time although there were struggles this fellowship is continuing to grow by God’s grace. Now we have around 12 regular members and a few non regular ones.
SCFUM consist members from all denominations of the Christian faith who are studying in different fields of study, from the faculties of Engineering, Architecture, and Information Technology. We did have members who follow the diploma course in our university too.  
We meet up regularly on Thursdays at 11.30a.m (lunch hour) at the 250A, Sumanadasa Building (first floor) and on Wednesdays at 7 in the morning to pray for one another in our fellowship. This helps us to grow in the love of God and to be accountable to each other. These times have helped us to build good friendships among us as brothers and sisters in God’s family.
Our programs include varied areas of study such as suffering, how to read the bible and understand, stewardship in various areas of life like money, education etc. we also have a time of singing every Thursday before we start our disussion.
Activities in the past few months
Recently we joined with our catholic union in the carol service they had, where we presented a heart touching skit explaining the reason why Jesus came to this Earth and also couple of our students joined in the singing.
We also had a small program for the janitorial staff of our university where we expressed our thanks for the service they do, and we had a small fellowship with them.
Upcoming Events
A project with the nature team where are junior members will be involved
Starting a time of intersession prayer for our university going from building to building, so that all the hearts will be open to our Lord’s plans for this uni
The present committee members are as follows:
  • Senior Treasurer – Mr. Nilhan Niles
  • President – Abigail Thirukumaran
  • Secretary – Ashen Anuradha
  • Vice president – Cheryl De Silva
  • Treasurer – Prathaj
Committee members:
  •       Mauran Markandu
  •       Wajishani Gamage
  •       Mark Fonseka 
We meet every week during the lunch hour (12-1p.m) in Room 107 (liable to change) near the English department for fellowship meetings. Our programmes vary from enriching times of praise and worship, sharing and praying with each other, games (yeah, well Campus life could be rather stressful and we do need time to unwind don’t we?) and times of in depth, soul searching Bible study. The topics we study range from Relationships, Sacrifice, Priorities, Ethnic Conflict, Discipleship etc and many more issues that confront the undergraduate daily.
What do I have to do to join?