FOCUS is a community with different people who are united in Christ. Different ideas views all contribute to each others growth.

We hope to move the same community online where we can all discuss and share. Also to let each other know about what we have been doing.

If you want to join up please sign up for your own account. BUT since this is a community of graduates and students we have to be careful in account creation. So please bear with us for you will have to fill out a small contact form so that we can contact you and verify that you are a FOCUS related person. It would take at least 24 hours for your account to be made. So start now.

Already have an account?

Cool… now you can just login using the login form on the sidebar and start interacting with the community.

Galleries – Events that have been happening here are put up for us to see and remember. Some of you may actually be able to comment on the pictures so that all of u can enjoy your unique views of what transpired. (login needed)

Links – Have your own site? Found an interesting article you wish to share? Or you just want to know who we are partnered with… just drop in here and click through to discover.

Archives – All of our old news postings on the site can be found here.